This list is a continuous work in progress. It’s a collection of resources I have come upon in my own searches and found to be extremely helpful, supportive and enlightening!

Meditation for Children - Sarah Wood Vallely

Sensational Meditation for Children

Mindfulness, Guided Imagery, and Other Child-Friendly Meditation Techniques By Sarah Wood Vallely

Children love to meditate! Learn tips you can use to introduce children to a wonderful world of guided imagery, meditation, and centering. Also offers training and certification to become a Child Meditation Facilitator. Thank you Sarah for your amazing course and giving me the tools to teach meditation to children. I am forever grateful!

Conscious Parenting for Aware Kids

This is the Mecca for links and resources for parents and children. You will find books, magazines, organizations etc.!

About them: The ultimate goal at Conscious Parenting for Aware Kids is to create a child-conscious, friendly and knowledgeable society for our children to grow up in.  They have created a community both geographically and online for conscious parents to connect with one another.  In addition, they have  also created one of the most comprehensive list of resources available to parents and children in order to make conscious parenting in everyday life a reality.

Yes She Can teen coaching

Anna Obropta designed the Yes She Can program to take the microphone away from the critical voice, and instead, give voice to your highest, wisest self. Instead of negative self-talk, Yes She Can girls talk-up their strengths, power and abilities. If you are open and willing, you will transform from self-doubt to self-respect, insecure to confident, meek to mighty. You will go from thinking “I can’t” to proving that you can.

Young Women Encircle

Suzanne Rock-Stierle is an entrepreneur, author, producer, organizer and facilitator of women’s projects, events, workshops and retreats. She is the Founder and Executive Director of Young Women Encircle, a nonprofit organization that offers contemporary Rite of Passage programs to girls and young women.

With Pen and Paper Logo

With Pen and Paper

Helga Schier, Phd. Expert in translation, editing and writing! My good friend and editor of Listen to Your Heart.

living nonviolentcommunication

Living Nonviolent Communication

Practical Tools to Connect and Communicate Skillfully in Every Situation

by Marshall Rosenberg, PHD

DeAngelis Design Logo

DeAngelis Design

Jean Malanaphy, ok, that’s me! A shameless link to my design website so you can see my design work.