photo of jean

I am a Certified Child Meditation Facilitator and Mindfulness Instructor, a graphic designer, illustrator, and author.

I love the challenge of creating strong conceptual images and wanted to combine that with my desire to produce an uplifting piece that speaks to and serves young individuals as they grow into confident young adults.

The idea for Listen to Your Heart came to me when I was reading a children’s book on chakras to my 8-year-old daughter. She was so completely taken by the book and its teachings that I wanted her to read more. However, I soon realized that most books on chakra energy are for younger or older children. The 8-to-11-year-old crowd seems to fall through the cracks. My book changes that. Listen to Your Heart uses bold images and short texts to touch upon difficult preteen issues such as saying no to peer pressure, handling disagreements, and diffusing a friend’s anger. A brief introduction to chakra clearing offers preteens positive and practical ways to deal with these and other situations immediately.

Creating this book has led me on a fabulous journey to becoming a Certified Child Meditation Facilitator and Mindfulness Instructor. I have had the honor to study with Sarah Wood Vallely so I may be able to pass on this tool to children so that they may use it as they choose to help them stand in their own power.  I am currently setting up classes to teach meditation and mindfulness to children in Santa Monica, CA. I hope to empower kids through meditation and art.

I practice yoga and take spinning classes in Venice, CA. I currently reside in Los Angeles with my husband and daughter.