Yes I Do!


Yes I do! I want to celebrate a success! About two weeks ago I had to face a task I didn’t think I could do. The lead up consisted of constant internal conversations back and forth between “I can’t do it…I’m out of my league” and “Yes, I CAN do this!…I just need to do the best that I can.” Well, I faced the task at hand, I showed up, did the best I could at the time and left feeling like I couldn’t possibly have done worse than I did! The flood began. One negative thought came, then another, then another, and another. This is where I want to celebrate my success! Normally, I would let these thoughts fester and worse, attach additional unnecessary stories of negative untruths. But with my mindful practice, I’ve noticed subtle shifts in my response to my thoughts and the emotions attached to them. My automatic habitual response towards negativity is shifting to auto-positive!  I noticed when those thoughts of unworthiness began to enter my head, I felt it in the center of my chest, I stopped, I took a breath and sent some heartful phrases to myself. It produced an instant shift from negative feelings to positive feelings. And for a week, I did this over and over and over again. As the thoughts and emotions continued to surface and gradually lessen, I moved to the positive. I didn’t want to wallow in stories of untruths I was sending myself. Though I may not have done as well as I wanted to at my task, I am grateful that my progress has enabled me to spend less time and energy with negative emotions and the stories attached to them. While I teach this to kids all the time, I am constantly reminded to practice it myself and repeat the practice. It’s a workout! But, I see the beneficial resulting shifts! I wish for you to be happy! I wish for you to be positive. I wish for you to be at peace.

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