Meditation Buddies

meditation buddies

This past few weeks in my Meditation and Art for Kids class at the Realm Creative Academy here in Santa Monica, we made meditation buddies so kids could have a pal to meditate with at home!

We created sketches of what their buddies would look like. They chose to make dogs. They sketched them out first.

Meditation Buddy Sketch 1 Meditation Buddy Sketch 2

Then we created the figures out of newspaper and tape.

meditation buddy 2 newspaper front meditation buddy 2 newspaper back meditation buddy 1 newspaper side

Then we covered the newspaper with Rigid Wrap strips.

meditation buddy 1 rigid wrap front meditation buddy rigid wrap side.

The final pieces were painted. Using acrylic paints.

One student created a meditation cushion for their buddy too.

meditation buddy 2 final piece meditation buddy 2 final piece 2 meditation buddy 1 final piece



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